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Rock by the Sea, Inc is dedicated to organizing music festivals and events where we raise money to assist deserving charities who provide direct services to those in need. Every Rock by the Sea event is an intimate showcase of music designed to bring people together for the love of music and the common goal of helping these charities.

Rock by the Sea has evolved from the idea that a few music fans could produce a great music event and inspire each other to raise money for meaningful causes. Inspired by Sister Hazel's Lyrics for Life and The Rock Boat and to quote Ken Block, Sister Hazel's lead man, "The ripple effect" of our actions are in full force." Since the first event in 2007 we have raised funds at eight music festivals, four Golf Tournaments, nine Road Shows, and in 2010, thanks to the many bands and artists who support our mission, we produced our first of four Christmas CDs.  Those activities helped us raise money that we in turn donated to various charities such as The Pediatric Brain Tumor Program, Now I Play Along Too, Franklin County Library - Children's Reading Program, Camp Sunshine, Lyrics For Life, Franklin County (FL) Humane Society, Anchorage Children's Home (Panama City), Down Syndrome Association of Tallahassee, Refuge House (Tallahassee) Feed the Children and LiveStrong.  In eight years we have donated almost $350,000 to these charities and more.

Rock by the Sea, led completely by volunteers, has no employees.   It is a community, a family...of volunteers, musicians, charities and fans of music who travel from all over the country to attend these events.  All donating their time, talents and dollars in pursuit of making a difference while having a GREAT time.  Over 38 states have been represented and just under 80 bands and singer/songwriters have participated in our events.  Each event is about more than just the charity.  Its about discovering your new favorite band and hanging out with them.  Its about talking to people or their parents who have benefited from our efforts.  Its about making new friends and bringing your old ones into a community of some pretty fantastic people and talent you don't get to hear on the radio anymore.  It does the soul some good.  Everyone is happy to be at the event, happy to be a part of it and happy to be able to help.



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